Una vez que nuestros clientes han hecho su selección nosotros nos encargamos del resto enviando las carnes directamente de las granjas a las despensas de los buques o dejándolo en depósito aduanero encargándonos de todos los trámites. 

Trabajamos suministrando a cruceros que visitan las costas del cantábrico.

Tel. (+34) 640 29 07 24

Supply for ships of fresh and frozen meat in any Spanish port.

We offer a portfolio of meat products from the best cattle in Cantabria. Meats without residues of antibiotics, anabolics, corticosteroids and pesticides. With a high microbiological quality respecting animal welfare.

The best supply option for ships with direct access to all Spanish ports with effective supply chain management, respecting the established deadlines and offering an immediate response.

Once our customers have made their selection we take care of the rest by sending the meat directly from the farms to the pantries of the ships or leaving it in customs warehousing and storage, taking care of customs procedures and delivery anywhere in the world.

We work supplying cruises that visit the Cantabrian coasts.

Tel. (+34) 640 29 07 24


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